Monday, October 31, 2011

rough sketch of my five month adventure

I am very excited to announce that I'll be taking a five month personal leave of absence from Uncle D (Deloitte) to learn Spanish, travel and open my eyes to life outside of the cubicle.  Although these next five months may worsen my travel bug, I am so thankful that all of this below is really happening!!
What my eyes will soon see.
Dec. 1st: Leave from SFO – whoa.
Dec. 2nd - 9th: Tokyo, Japan - Stay with Yu Tando, yay!
Dec. 9th - 24th: Fly to Indonesia Meet Adrian Freeberg. Amazing temples, beach, surf, yoga & lots of sunsets
Dec 24th – 31st: Thailand - Meet Sarah Saul. Krabi, Dive Similan Islands & NYE in Phuket!
Jan 1st - 7th:  Cambodia – Angwor Wat & the Capitol
Jan 7th - 12th:  Laos – River Tubing, Monks & Relaxation 
Jan 12th - 20th: Vietnam – City, Gorgeous Bay & Rice Paddies 
Jan 20th: Singapore – Quick one day tour
Jan 21st – 23rd: Fly back to SF & Regroup - <3
Jan. 23rd: Red eye to Guatemala
Jan 23rd: Take a bus to San Pedro & meet my host family
April: Up in the air – More of Central America??
May 1st: Back to the grind…& life in sf J

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