Sunday, December 2, 2012

One Year Anniversary. Whoa.

Today is my one year anniversary from my departure last year (actually it was yesterday but our internet is shit and was dragging when I went to upload photographs). I can't believe it's already been 365 days since I left for my 5 month adventure. I know I haven't post anything since the end of this epic journey, so I thought to play catch up I'd share some of my favorite memories from post-travels.  
The last 6 months a lot has happened - I've left Uncle D (Deloitte) and started a new job with a local boutique consulting firm where I'm able to work in SF. No more 100% travel and never sleeping in my own bed. This summer was pretty rad, a lot of music, couple bachelorette parties & weddings! Live music was definitely something I missed while travelling. Anyway enough with the chit chat, onto the photographs!

Remember this? I sure do :-) Feels like ages ago, but then again also feels like I was just struggling to pack my life into that green bag!
Novemer 30, 2011
May 2012 - My mom, Cyndi, comes to visit me in SF
May 2012 - enjoying a hike in SF with Ami before getting back to work. I was meant to be there! My name was written in rocks....not quite written in the stars but rocks will do.
May 2012 - My favorite music festival, Hangout, in Alabama for Sar Bear's Bachelorette
May 2012 - Denver for C's Bachelorette Party
May 2012 - COLORADICAL baby
June 2012 - Annual Livermore Wine Tasting. My sister, Jen, and Cousin, Darren, come to visit me in Sf!
June 26, 2012 - Bringing in my Golden Birthday with my SF family. <3 you all!
June 2012 - Sar Bear weds BL!
June 2012 - Trip back to Or & Wa to visit family. Here's some of the York crew.
July 2012 - My First High Sierra Music Festival!
July 2012 - The Zesty crew rocking the Silverrrrr HSMF
July 2012 - An evening with the lovely Julia Marino
July 2012 - Ladies Tapas Dinner at Sarah's House. I am blessed with many wonderful women in  my life. 
July 2012 - Camping in the Redwoods for REGGAE on the River
July 2012 - Reggae....we don't have fun at all
July 2012 - Wanderlust Yoga & Music festival in Tahoe with my girl Sheana
August 2012 - Pre-C's wedding at Squaw
August 2012 - Stumbling though but surviving teaching Yoga for C's wedding. Even the Bride & Groom showed up!
August 2012 - Late night fun Post-C's wedding in Tahoe
August 2012 - How do I even caption this haha.....Yoyo's Honey Boo Boo TV Series Premiere party
August 2012 - Jen & I hanging in the trees at my 5th Outside Lands Music Festival in Golden Gate Park
August 2012 - Look! Bears in the Trees!
September 2012 - Lake Oroville Floating Campsite. Unforgettable weekend with great friends.
September 2012 - Pixar! Keeping up my headstands.
September 2012 - Finally getting my Tattoo
October 2012 - A few minute walk from my office. I love this city!
October 2012 - Drum Circle on Ocean Beach at sunset. A beautiful 85 degree day in October. Bonfire & s'mores followed :-)
October 2012 - All glowing while listening to Ben Howard's tunes at the Fillmore
October 2012 - Ben Howard you are an incredible man!
October 2012 - Andrea visits me in SF! Straight to Le Diner.
October 2012 - SF Giants win the World Series what what!
October 31, 2012 - Giants World Series celebration at Civic Center
November 2012 - Reunion with Jamie & Jen at the Xavier Rudd show in Vancouver BC
November 2012 - Stunning Fall day in Portland. View from Pittock Mansion.
November 2012 - Roaming around Portland with My Mom & Gma. Trying to stay warm on this brisk day.
Let's just say 2012 was very good to me! I'm going to work on keeping this blog updated a bit more in 2013. Let's hope blog worthy adventures come my way ;-) 

Paz y Amor xx


  1. Love your 2012 round-up Bri! Cheers to an amazing 2012 year and more adventures to come. Excited to hang out when I'm back in the states. Keep smiling! Also, want a close-up of that tattoo :) didn't know you got one!

    1. Thanks Ami! Yes so many more adventures to come. Hopefully sometime we can go on one together :-) I'll email you a picture of my tattoo!!