Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Después Costa Rica YTT - Reintegration

Kori, Myself and Jamie in Playa Guinoes

Life after YTT was interesting. We just had 3 weeks of very intense and scheduled days. Then bam, released from this yoga immersion….All in all I felt lost. Lost in what I should do with all this information and experiences. How do I reintegrate back into the world? Nice & Slow.
A few of us stuck around Playa Guinoes for a few lazy days of sleeping in and relaxing on the beach. We met up for some Acro Yoga beach sessions, surfed, watched the sunset and relaxed by the the pool. Kaya Sol in Guinoes is a pretty rad place to stay.

Jamie y Kori

Jen y Yo at dinner at Kaya Sol

Loving the jams...and Jamie was loving on the Jam maker haha

Kori, Ash and I parted ways with Jen, Jamie and Kristen – miss and love you girls mucho! The three of us headed south down to Santa Teresa/Mal Pais/Montezuma. Ash is partnering with a really fabulous yoga teacher, Nancy, for a retreat at Pranamar. Wow this resort and studio was gorgeous. We had the pleasure of taking a few classes at Pranamar while we were in the area. I hope to see you at Wanderlust this year Nancy!
View from the Yoga Shala at Pranamar

Kori doing Sunset Yoga in Santa Teresa
Sunset Cocktails at Florblanca
Road trippin with Ash and Kori

One day Kori and I headed to Montezuma for some yoga and waterfall action. Roads are nuts around these parts, crazy muddy even during dry season!
After Santa Teresa, we spent a few days with Lili in her hometown of Playa Carillo. It was a bit nuts because of Semana Santa – all the city folk come to the beach for the weekend to camp & party with their family. Thanks you so much Lili and family for letting us stay with you! Was wonderful to get to know your area :)
Sunset over Playa Carillo with Lili y Kori
Lili soaking up the rays on a secluded beach 2 minutes from her house
We heard about a surf competition and that Pato Banton was playing back in Playa Guinoes/Nosara so we had to go! Pato Banton was pretty fun, excited to see him again at Reggae on the River this summer in NorCal.  
Surf Competition at Playa Guinoes
Surf Competition at Playa Guinoes

Pato Bantonnnnnn
We spent our last night in CR in Samara, super close to Carillo and a really great surf town. I’d spent some time here a few years ago and it felt nice to return. Thanks Berny for your hospitatlity – dinner was really great, of course the delish drinks and being able to do laundry haha, it’d been too long. I wish I could have hung out longer and hope I will return to visit again soon.

Kori, Berny and I at Berny's Bar - Mama Africa

Goodbye Costa Rica, Hello Nicaragua!

You can view the rest of my photos on Picasa:
Costa Rica - Reintegration

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  1. I love it! Feels like I was there...oh, wait, I was! Miss you, baby Jewel!