Friday, June 22, 2012

San Carlos y Granada, Nicaragua

Now back to Nicaragua! 4am wake up call to get on the road. Armando, Kori and I drove to the border of Nicaragua & Costa Rica to cross at Los Chiles.  We did have a short stop to check out the beautiful water at Rio Celeste. Unreal, right? 

Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

This border crossing is only possible by boat, so we ditched the car in Costa Rica and hopped on board a 2 hour slow boat up the Rio to San Carlos, Nicaragua. 

San Carlos, Nicaragua
Getting our Yoga on in the customs line
Hmmm where to start about San Carlos…Let’s just say Nicaragua is attempting to get it on the tourist route but they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. No running water except for maybe a trickle for one hour in the morning – even in the hotels. That just won’t fly, even for most backpackers. Big issue is transportation as well. The boats only run twice a week to get to The Archipelago of Solentiname, even though you can see it from San Carlos. To hire your own boat for the 30 min ride is $100 one way. Just to sum it up, there is potential but they are not there yet.

We all definitely made the best of it and ended up making it to the archipelago of solentiname & El Castillo, but I woudn’t come out of your way be any means to come this way. My few last days travelling with Kori were really great though – we have some fun memories; Yoga in many random places, then attempting to teach standbys in Spanish, boating back in the pitch black from the islitas ekkk and many more. 

View from the restuarant on Isla Fernando
I would love to have that mango tree in my backyard, por favor??
Beautiful peacock on Isla Fernando
We never have fun...
Cabinas on Isla Mancarron
The main street in El Castillo

View of Rio San Juan from the El Castillo Fort
View of Rio San Juan from the El Castillo Fort
Massive papaya, yes it's for real!

Amazing home cooked meal, thank you to Armando's Family for the delicious fish!
The random drink Armando had us try...HA they were giving it to us out of this anti-freeze container

Our ways parted as I boarded my 14 hour boat across Lake Nicaragua to Granada. It ended up being a really relaxing ride and well worth taking the slow route. They make all gringos buy first class tickets with the up top ac. Not bad at all. A few hours into the ride, I had the luck to watch this amazing sunset of the Island of Ometepe.  

 I arrived in Granada around 5am and witnessed the sunrise as well. It really all come full circle and was breathtaking – relaxed me back into travelling on my own again. I explored all over Granada Saturday morning before my flight that afternoon to Little Corn Island. I even ate at the same restaurant, garden café, twice because it was that delicious. Granada made me feel like I was back in Antigua, Guatemala. Another beautiful colonial town!

Now, onto Managua to catch my flight to Big Corn Island; FYI I highly recommend flying on Costena to get to the Corn Islands - completely worth the extra expense as by land and boat is long and a bit complicated. 

Even though I did go photo crazy on this post, there are even more on Picasa:
San Carlos

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