Tuesday, January 15, 2013

California living

Although it's been nearly 9 months since my trip, I've continued my explorations locally. California has so many wonderful places to visit! Including the above photograph - only a 25 minute drive from my doorstep in SF.

I've made a promise to myself to stay grounded and put in San Francisco for at least a year. I'm almost there too. That's a big deal for me, as in my previous work life I was on the road too. It's been wonderful to sleep in my own bed, cook meals, spend time with all my friends & be able to discover more about SF and myself.

Another Sankalpa (intention) I'm working towards  is reconnecting with myself and nature. I found this article "We are all creative: slow down to connect to yourself" to be very inspiring.

I  have a tendency to be doing 50 things at once (don't we all?) - texting somebody, while listening to music, while brushing me teeth & making tea. Ok maybe not that much....but multi-tasking has become 2nd nature, as if to be efficient I must multi-task! When in reality, I crave time spent slowing down a bit, going for a walk & observing the details. There's so much beauty in the details if I take the time to enjoy it. I encourage you all to hold me accountable to my Sankalpa. Slow me down, join me on a hike & share any hidden gems you've discovered in the  SF bay area. 

I do have some great domestic adventures coming up - Nashville, Hawaii & Austin. I'm looking forward to exploring these cities and capturing the beauty in the details around my own country.

Don't you all worry, I'm scheming for some more international travels in the near future. Details to come....

Hasta luego,

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