Thursday, March 7, 2013

On The Road Again....

"Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." -Miriam Beard

I’m very excited, yet a bit nervous to be heading out on another solo trip. This time I’ll be on the road for about 9 weeks. It was all just an idea I had a few months ago and now my departure is in 16 days!!

The initial driving force behind this trip is Scottie & Em’s wedding in Drubrovnik, Croatia in May. Of course the scheming began....If I’m in Croatia then I should visit Tomo in Slovenia and OH Ami is still in India right? This all led to asking my work if I could take a leave for a couple months. I am blessed to work for a company who truly has a work/life balance. My leave was approved without any resistance. YAY & Thank You to Primitive Logic.

Once my flight was booked through it all started to feel real. I highly recommend checking out vayama - they were about $200 less than anywhere else I looked. Only downfall is you don’t get to select your seats when you book your flight. You need to call all the airlines or go to their website to select your seat, but hey that effort was worth saving $200!

Here’s what my March 23rd to June 1st looks like:

NYC for 12 hrs - March 24th
Just enough time to catch up with Adrienne, one of my good friends & old SF roomie! Hoping to pick a good lunch spot and catch up with a few others - Erica, Jessica let me know if you’re around!!

INDIA - March 25th - May 3rd

Where to start. I’m really excited to see India through my own eyes. I’ve heard so many different things from so many people. Thank you to all who’ve given me amazing advice and spent time answering my questions. My brick of a guide book has already many fun notes & recs thanks to Laura! This video above that Sarah S. discovered truly lit me up. What an invigorating culture!

Where exactly I’m going is still up in the air. I know I’ll begin my trip in Bombay & fly out of Dehli, but beyond that here are all my ideas & recommendations I’ve been told: Ajanta/Ellora, Hampi, Goa, Kerala, Madurai, Varanasi, Hardiwar, Rishikesh, Manali, Amristar, Ladakh,  Agra (Taj Mahal), Rajasthan - Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer , Dehli.  DANG, I just rambled that all off by memory, all my research and chats with fellow travellers is helping.

Clearly that is not all possible in 6 weeks though. I do know...

  • From my couch surfing interactions, the people are wonderful! From the moment I step in India, I have a warm welcome awaiting me and I’m not even there yet!
  • I will wear Saris and embrace the culture
  • I’m excited to meet Ami, an ex-Deloitter too, and travel for a bit together
  • I will stay in an Ashram along the way and volunteer. Sarah Marino all of the work that you are doing is incredible. Sarah shared this video with me, what a beautiful story. It most definitely started my love affair with India:  

SWITZERLAND - May 3rd - 5th
Krispies you better meet me in Zurich!!!

CROATIA - May 6th - 20th
I’m looking to have at least 2 weeks to explore this beautiful country. EEEE I can’t wait to see the beautiful ocean and witness Scott & Em’s wedding!
Here’s what I have planned: Zagreb → Piltvice National Park → Krka National Park → Split/Hvar → Dubrovnik

BOSNIA &/or MONTENEGRO - May 20th - May 25th
I haven’t done much research yet, so any advice is definitely welcome even though I many not have time for these 2. I’ll be veryclose in Dubrovnik so at least a day trip will have to happen.

SLOVENIA - May 25th - May 31st
I’ll get to spend some time catching up with Tomo who is from here. Tomo and I met on a very very long bus ride from Guatemala to Nicaragua. Looking forward to seeing his country & his life there!

SWITZERLAND - May 31st - June 1st
I’ve heard you’re beautiful, but too pricey for me right now. I’ll probably be spending minimal time in Zurich. I just need to be there in time to catch my flight back to SFO!

I have a subleaser, Kelly, staying in my room - glad that we can help her start her new life in SF. Thank you Amy & Julia for being supportive! My checklist of pre-travel to do’s is getting shorter by the day - mend my tennis’s, get travel meds, find a sturdy day back yadda yadda. Ok maybe the list quite isn't getting shorter, but I’ll get there.

Everything is truly starting to align and fall in place once again. If you’re intentional in your desires you can make it happen. Of course with any desire there is still a lot of energy and work that must be sacrificed for your desire to manifest, but it’s all worth it!

In Love & Light,

From my trip to Hawaii a couple weeks ago with my mum & gma.

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