Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hasta Luego SF, Hello India.

Let's just say the days leading up to my departure were quite hectic - getting my room ready for Kelly (she's subleasing), spending time with friends, wrapping up work, Oh & packing. Here's where I started and clearly had to make some decisions. I swear packing can be the hardest task of all because it's so easy to want to bring everything. Of course I want to leave room for treasures I find along the way.

Luckily I had good friends to help me put things into perspective and leave a few items behind. It was so nice to spend QT with close friends leading up to my trip. I even recorded some short videos on my GoPro...I've been watching all my 'Words of Wisdom' videos. I couldn't quite figure out how to create a video to share with all, either way they've been making me smile.Thank you everyone who came to see me, I felt very loved. 
I love you guys. Sarah & Amy I know you're going to kill me but I couldn't resist haha.
Right before I was heading to the airport, I had Kelly snap a quick photo of my 2nd round with big green! How fun is this side by side.
Left - November 2011, Right - March 2013
After my first leg of this 20 hours of flying I signed up for, I headed into NYC to explore with Adrienne. Even though it was just for the day it was so nice to see Adrienne and break up the flights a bit. Oh definitely forgot to mention this one, guess who has poison oak? Lovely right. I had no idea a backpacking trip 2 weeks ago would have reprecussions for this trip. All in all it's still around and I'm trying to use the hydrocortisone I picked up in New York to stop me from in itching (written as I'm itching my leg). 

Adi and I roaming around the city.
After spending the day in NYC, I hopped on another 'red eye' to Bombay. This one although was 16 hours. I watched a couple moves, passed out and woke up just an hour before landing. Bombay has been a great place to start my India trip. All of the couch surfers I've been meeting up with or staying with been incredibly generous. I'll write more about what I've been up to in Bombay in my next post. Until then, I'll share with you a photo from playing Holi yesterday. Happy Holi!

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