Thursday, April 18, 2013

Glorious Times in Goa

Goa is visibily different from the rest of India. Goa is a former Portuguese colony with a rich history. The Goan population is a mixture of Hindus and Roman Catholics and is regarded as one of the most peaceful states in India. Many times I found myself questioning whether I really was still in India?!? Goa has it’s own wonderful culture very different from the rest of India.  

My time in Goa started off gloriously. My CS host, Daniel, picked me up from the train station and then we were off to relax at his house with 2 with couch surfers he was hosting, James & Heather. We enjoyed a refreshing bottle of white wine while we chit chatted by the river at Daniel's house in Old Goa.The days that followed were a mix of amazing food, salsa dancing, beach time, naps, many fresh lime sodas, fenny, a lot of laughing, was lovely! 

On my first day the 4 of us headed to breakfast at Nani's & Rani's and to see a healer named Patrick San Francesco. He's quite famous in India. We were number 94 in line when we arrived around 9am. Pretty fascinating. I enjoyed this video they showed us as an introduction to Patrick's work:

Next we were off to Ashvem beach in Morgim. Morgim is in the northern beach area of Goa.
My very first of many fresh lime sodas. Definitely bringing this back when I get home.

We truly had quite the full day. After beach time we visited a couple of Daniel’s Greek friends for tea, then headed to Ozrant beach for sunset. Then for kicks we had dinner at Fiesta and checked out the night life in Baga on Titos road. Fiesta is quite the posh spot and is decorated beautifully…I sat there thinking I was in Miami or something, not India. The night didn’t stop there. Daniel loves dancing. He offered Salsa, Bachata & Merenguine lessons…so we put him to work and danced in his living room until the wee hours. Yes I was learning to salsa in India, love it. 

how adorable is this little guy?
My CS host Daniel with the massive Jackfruits at Anne Marie's house.
Sunset from Ozrant Beach.

Drinks at Capetown Cafe

I also tried a local liquor called Fenny. Fenny is made from Cashew Fruit…random right? Daniel actually had the Cashew fruit on his property too. On the left is the cashew fruit with the actual cashew nut that hangs our the bottom. On the left is my first fenny cocktail!

The remaining days consisted of more salsa (even a lesson), a tea party at Daniels rental home (with no tea, only lots of food & drinks!), beach time and exploring Old Goa. I'll let the photos do the talking for me...
Remains in Old Goa

The Basilica of Bom Jesus
The Basilica of Bom Jesus
Daniel's gorgeous rental home in Ribandar. It's on VRBO friends!
Gina, Daniels Father, Daniel's Mum Camilla, Daniel, Myself and Anne Marie
Climbing trees at Zeebop in Marjoda Beach
Marjoda Beach
Enjoying the day at Marjoda Beach

The food in Goa was incredible, mm mm lots of fruit and fresh seafood. Rechando shark and shrimp peri peri were a couple of my favorite preparations. Oh & Daniel’s mother’s Pulau. I would love to try to recreate all of these delicious meals.
Chicken Pulau mm mm
Shrimp, Shark and Veggie Pulau

Daniel’s house is right on the river in Old goa, I’d open the French doors, let the morning breeze flow in. His porch was perfect for salsa and a bit of yoga too. His property is quite a gem with lush fruit trees everywhere. Daniel is quite knowledgeable when it comes to local plants and trees, it was fascinating. I tried chickcoo and guava for breakfast one morning.
Fresh Guava and Chickoo from Daniel's garden. Served straight up for breakfast!

Daniel your home is beautiful! You are a generous wonderful host. Thank you thank you. Excited for our paths to cross again someday. Please visit SF!

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