Monday, December 9, 2013

Waterfalls Galore!

View from the above Plitvice National Park. WHOA, right?
The next part of our roadtrip through Croatia brought us in land to the gorgeous countryside, forests & mountain landscapes. I knew it was supposed to be beautiful, but some of these sites were unreal!

Plitvice National Park
Plitvice (pronounced Plit - vitz - ka) was our first stop. This national park is quite touristy, but stunning and a must see if you are in Croatia. Definitely dedicate a full day to this park and make sure to see both the upper and lower part. I've never seen anything like it #UNREAL.

A few tips: If you are into trekking feel free to explore off of the wooden paths. It was really nice!
Take note that ou can't swim in the falls here, but if you do have time stop by Krka National park (below) - it's another beaut! Also if you want to stay near the Park there were actually tons of apartment/room signs as we drove close so it'd be really easy to do.

Here are a few of the hundreds of photos (Adrienne can attest to this) that I took. I'm pretty sure I could have spent days in this park.

Necessary "couples" photo by the waterfall :-)

After our glorious day of wandering through gazillions of waterfalls, Adrienne and I headed to Zadar to re-unite with another travel buddy/ex-roomie of mine Kristi!! The 3 of us stayed at a hostel for the night, grabbed some dinner and checked out Zadar by night.

Zadar was pretty great, similar to pula and split. They have this natural musical organ that is supposed to make sweet music when the tide is up. Unfortuanately we went when the tide was out so didn't hear antyhing, but had fun playing on the colorful interactive art installation (photos below).

Our new buddy!

Wild poppies along the roadside. I loved them!

Krka National Park
Kristi, Adrienne and I hit the road early to have some solid time exploring Krka National Park. If you can go to both then definitely do, but I would skip Krka over Plitvice. Krka is gorgeous too and it's nice because there is a swimming area here! We spent a few hours meandering through the falls and taking a dip at the beach area. Krka is definitely a gem and only an hour or so from Split by car.

Blue dragonflys!

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