Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reunion Trip Plans in Full Force!

It's official, I've been slacking on keeping up with my blog. So I thought I'd start showing a bit more love here now that I'll be travelling once again. I actually never finished by posts from my last trip - look forward to more on Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Slovenia in the coming weeks! Once I catch up I'll start posting on my more current adventures.

At the moment I'm in the middle of this escapade:

SF to PDX Roadtrip - July 4th - July 7th
Visited family in Eugene & Portland with Dave as co-pilot. Summers are the best in the PNW.
Mt. St Helens Camping - July 7th – July 10th
Hiking, campfire singing, kayaking, star gazing and relaxing at Swift Lake with my Mom, Stepfather, Grandma & Aunt!
Seattle, WA - July 10th - 11th
Ami’s first trip to Seattle, Xavier Rudd show & reunion/hosted by the lovely Auzeen.
Glacier, Yellowstone & Tetons National Park Roadtrip - July 11th - 19th
Roadtrip of a lifetime with Ami, Adrian & Ham. We covered a lot of amazing sights in one short week. More photos, lessons learned and our itinerary to come!
NYC - July 22nd
Quick 8 hour layover to meet up with Erica and explore the city.

It was wonderful to have the time to appreciate my own incredible country. I feel like I naturally always want to get outside of the US borders and forget how many badass places there are to explore here on my own turf!

FINLAND & ESTONIA – July 23rd – July 28th
Visiting a sweet friend that I met in India, Paavo. I’m stoked to see Helsinki & jump on over to Estonia for the day.
SWEDEN – July 28th – August 1st
I’ll be staying with one of my favorites, Meredith, and seeing her new life in Stockholm!
GERMANY – August 1st – August 5th  
So excited to see Berlin once again, but this time around being hosted by one of my besties Marie. We had a lot of incredible memories in SF this past year and already miss seeing her all the time! I’m also reuniting with another rad travelling chick, Alicia. We met when I stayed with her for a week in S. Korea.
FRANCE & SWITZERLAND – August 5th – August 13th  
I’m excited to see the Alsace region of France where Thierry is from. I hear he’ll be the best tour guide around. We met in Guatemala studying Spanish. Will be a fun reunion! Also, possibly bopping over to Switzerland or Germany.
HUNGARY – August 13th August 21st
The first part of this trip will be with a whopping 10 of us!!! It was spurred by Marie & I scheming to go to Sziget music festival. We will be checking out that for a couple days and exploring Budapest. Dave and I have a few days to explore more of Hungary – anybody have any tips?

Although this trip is technically a solo undertaking, it's sparked visits with friends I've met from previous travels. It truly is a reunion with all sorts of friends and I'm really excited to reconnect with so many amazing people.

Signing off from a cafe in NYC. Off to Finland tonight!
Backpacking in Glacier National Park in Montana. Stunning!!!

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