Saturday, December 10, 2011

Japan – Kobe Steak, Temples, Sake, Bustling Shops, Fish Market --> Best Sushi EVER & Yu Tando!!

My absolute favorite shot in Japan. Two Maiko's (Apprentice Geishas) in Kyoto.
A lot has happened in the last 6 days. I spent most of my time exploring Tokyo and then a short trip to Kyoto. Thank you so much Yu Tando for everything – you made my Japan trip amazing. It was great meeting Yu’s friends (Yuhei & Kaori) and catching up with David Smith.

One thing I quickly learned about myself – I am not an introvert. One day wandering around solo made me realize how much more I enjoy experiencing something with others. Even if I just met the person that same day, having a travel partner makes me slow down, take in what’s around me and enjoy my surroundings even more. With that said, very excited for new friends I make along the way and friends meeting up – Adrian Freeberg, David Greeson, Sarah Saul, Jason Hardy, Faham.…I hope I can add more of you to this list!

Here are a few of my thoughts on Japan:
I loved & will miss…warm toilet seats, Kobe Beef (Thanks Henrik!!), Dancing for hours & being entranced by the “lady gagaish” dance crew, Sake tasting, beautiful fall colors and Yu Tando!!

I will not miss…seaweed surprises in my food and the Yen - Japan truly is as expensive as everybody says it is!

What made me laugh…Everybody running in the train stations (even girls with ridiculous heels), the absurd amount of vending machines and “love” hotels in Shibuya ;-)

What I hope makes you laugh....
Apparently I can fly in Tokyo (Yu was laughing at this for days)
Having Fun With Yu in Harajuku in True Japanese Style
Here are some more photographs that should paint the picture of my time in Japan:
Tokyo, Japan

Can I say delicious?

Kyoto,  Japan

Check out all my Japan photos on Picasa:


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