Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Look up. Look down. Look around.

Borders, mas borders
The Mission is crisscrossed by myriad borders,
Invisible and overt: porous and dangerous.
The border between South and North America
Old and New San Francisco
The border between Valencia and Mission
Between the documented and undocumented
Between bohemia and neglect
Between club life and church life
Between bookstores and gun shops
The border between high and low art
High and low religion
High and low desire
The murals command
Look in the corners, look beyond the obvious.
Look up.
Look down. Look around.
-Guillermo Gómez-Peña

Although this is from a book about Murals in San Francisco's mission district, I really loved it. Maybe because it reminded me of home :) I think it's a good reminder to really appreciate the details all around you. Ms. Julia Marino should have a copy in her hot little hands of Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo by Annice Jacoby and Carlos Santana. Enjoy!

Art in Indonesia.
While in Java and throughout Indonesia we have came across Indonesian Batik art form. It's quite wonderful. Below are two photographs of our experience with Batik. The first is when one of the artist's was explaining all about the Batik art form - very fascinating; all natural dye, wax or coconut oil are used. The second are a few pieces in the gallery, I was suckered into purchasing two pieces. Honestly I couldn't take my eyes off the paintings of the local woman, so colorful and beautiful. Luckily easy to pack too!

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