Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nicaragua - Traveling to & San Juan Del Sur

I choose to get it all out of the way and pay a bit more on the King Quality bus which went direct to Managua in one day. The lovely journey from Antigua, Guatemala to Managua, Nicaragua  began at 4am. Thank goodness for the Guatemalan patience as my alarms did not go off!

To be honest, the King Quality buses are quite spacious and they gave us burger king for every meal (which was included). They also played some pretty decent movies which made the journey move faster. You actually rarely have to get off for all 4 border crossings - the customs people come onto the bus to you which was sweet.  I also met a new Slovenian friend, Tom, along the way which was awesome to have a travel buddy for the journey.
Tom and I on one of our many bus journeys together
A funny moment along the way – at the el Salvador, Honduras border I was talked into divulging my facebook information to the immigration officer…so far luckily no contact has been made ha. All in all the bus went pretty well for being stuck in one place for 21 hours. We made it to Managua at 1am, haggled with a taxi driver and then found a place to crash for the night. Tom and I headed to San Juan del Sur (SJDS) the next morning. SJDS was an interesting place and honestly I have no interest in going back. It was wind hell, so windy you couldn’t lay on the beach without being blasted in the eyes with sand. The power went out a lot because of the weather, but Kieran, Tom and I made the best of it. Great surfing up at Maderas – but weird that the main beach at San Juan del Sur you don’t really chill at or surf at all so you have to hire cabs for the day to shuttle you to other nearby beaches.
Playa Coco, Nicaragua
Doing my thing in Nica
Beach time baseball with some local kids
Sunset at playa Coco
My highlights from this quick trip was this awesome bbq joint, meeting Tom and Natalie, reuniting with Kieran and Carley, beach yoga, jenga and cards.
Best bbq chicken ever
Jenga one afternoon with Natalie and Kieran - let me tell you, it was intense!
Playa Maderas
Yayyy Headstands with Tom and Kieran

Good times with friends in SJDS
The rest of my photographs are on Picasa:
San Juan Del Sur - Nicaragua

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