Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Adios San Pedro, Hola Antigua - Guatemala

Lo siento for my absence here on my blog. I’ve had an intense, amazing and busy past 21 days in Costa Rica. I promise I’ll get caught up super soon. Okay let’s rewind a bit – back to saying my goodbyes to San Pedro and spending a few days in Antigua, Guatemala.

Ruinas La Recoleccion
Antigua is a really unique, colorful city with the beautiful backdrop of Volcan de Agua. The building architecture is really neat. I would describe it as pretty romantic – lots of boutique hotel and really nice dinner spots (luckily that’s in addition to hostels and street food J). Antigua was definitely more expensive than being on the lake, but I’ll need to get used to that since I’ll be heading to Costa Rica – which is about double for everything.
Here are some spots I highly recommend:

Eateries: Rainbow Café for live music, La Vieja Cocina for dinner or lunch, Y tu pina tambien (good coffee and breakfast), Sabe Rico (amazing food with tables among the gardens), Cerro de Santo Domingo (nice walk and view of the city, artwork , sculptures – pretty expensive, just have a drink)
Places to Stay: Jungle Party Hostel, Posada Dona Luisa or Posada La Merced
To do: Antigua Futbol game, Ruins of Recolocciones, Antigua Mercado -  cheap cheap, Walk around some of the amazing churches
La Merced
The Arch of Santa Catalina
Right near Parque Central

How adorable are these lil sisters?
Beautiful colors and details of Antigua
Antigua Futbol Match

Chilling at the Futbol Match
Sunday Procession that runs something like the 5 Sundays before Easter - they march throughout the whole city all day
Mmm Mmm Mmm

You can find all of my pictures on Picasa:

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