Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sealing the day with the Sunset

On Lake Nicaragua with Ometepe in the background
This post was inspired by the sunset above that I saw last night.

Pause. Reflect. Enjoy.
The funny thing is I was irritated to find out right before I hopped on this 15 hr ferry that there is actually a 5 hr bus for half the price I could have taken. When in actuality I needed to slow down and let the journey go on as it was meant to be and be grateful for this stunning sunset that I would have missed if I had taken the bus.

One of my favorite moments during the day is sunset. If I could I would vow to take 20 min of my day to watch the beauty of the sun fall. Luckily on this trip I've been able to more times than not. Not sure how im going to work that back into my corporate life when I
return :( here are many happy reflective moments I want to share:

Lake Tahoe
San Juanilla Costa Rica - Flying for the first time with Kristin!
San Juanillo, Costa Rica - CRYS March Teacher Training <3 and miss you all
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Right near my house in SF - Sunset & Croquet, great day!
Outside of Seattle, WA
Playa Carillo, Costa Rica
San Francisco, CA - near Sutro Baths with Julia Marino

Big Island Hawaii
We were in bliss watching the sunset on the Big Island - with my mother and stepfather Marv :)

What's the most beautiful sunset you've experienced?

The first memory that came to my mind was this sunset at the sutro baths near ocean beach in SF:
Ocean Beach, San Francisco
 This was before I lived in SF and was shared with Lauren Mallery, David and Changiz. It was a quick but memorable akpsuli reunion. Thank you lmal for bringing me to one of my favorite sunset spots ever!
Me, Changiz, Lauren & David

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  1. Que bonitas fotos... me gusta mucho la del lago Atitlan...