Friday, May 24, 2013

A Day in Delhi

For my 2 nights and one day stay in Delhi (The "h" is silent and is pronounced just like deli) I was hosted by a longtime Couch Surfer, Tridivesh (he has hosted nearly 100 travelers). Tridivesh’s flat is in South Delhi and since I only had one day to explore Tridivesh dropped me off on his way to work at the closest metro stop. Btw Delhi’s metro system is really fantastic and made it easy to get around.
My first stop is to checkout Old Delhi. I step out of the Chandni Chowk metro stop to explore the narrow, winding alleyways that are quite the adventure. Being by myself I can feel my head spin as I could easily get lost or more likely to walk around in circles. I notice some other travelers, and quickly chat them up & spend the morning wandering with them.
Chandi Chowk is a shopping district in Old Delhi that has been in existence for hundreds of years. The fascinating part ofr was how the bazaar is divided into different areas of specialization - from sarees, camera, jewelry, silver, spice, bicycles to bathroom fixtures; Must make for interesting competition if all your neighboring shops are selling the same thing.

How electricity is still on boggles my  mind...

Nap time to avoid the afternoon heat.
They say that dogs always look like their owners, I think it applies to goats as well.

Our tummies start grumbling so we head towards to the Muslim Quarter to grab a bite  at Karim. Karim was delicous, especially since I hadn’t eaten much meat in the last month. After lunch we meander through the tiny streets of the packed Muslim quarter; it’s so packed you’re dodging motorbikes, bicycle riskshaws, other people, animals etc. It’s quite an adventure. We escape from there and head to Jama Masjid. Jama Masjid was built in 1650 – 1656 AD and is the largest Muslim Mosque in all of India.

Western meets Indian style toilet...or what I like to call it, the toilet with wings.

I love all the colors of India.

These are real Indian Rupee notes that are used to make these gifts for Weddings. I want one!

All 4 of us in one bicycle rickshaw. Wow.

I separate ways with my new friends to make the most of my day. I head to see the infamous Lotus Temple, the Bahai house of worship. This description is my favorite - “This House of Worship is a place for prayer and meditation for the peoples of all religions and races. From within its portals the voice of mankind will ever be raised in praise and glorification of the creator of the universe.” Beautiful!

Wow I really can’t believe my time in India was already at an end. What an incredible journey…India definitely takes you on a rollercoaster – so many moments of frustration, happiness, heat exhaustion, uncontrollable laughter, gratitude, pure bliss, curiousity, deep conversations. I loved it all and learned so much. India I will be back for more! 
My last night in India with another group of wonderful new friends - a local Delhi,  Levin from Germany & Eva from Spain

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