Friday, May 31, 2013

A Day in Zurich, Switzerland

Hello Europe. I was blissed out to arrive in Zurich after India; so clean and tidy, garbage cans, cool air, not packed public transit that is incredibly well organized and easy to use, fresh bread and cheese!! I could go on and on about the amenities that I was happy to have back in my life. Zurich is quite a lovely city to transition to as well. Even if I was freezing as the temperature drop was drastic from Delhi to Zurich in May, I was happy to put on all my layers.
I stayed my one night at a Eliane’s friends place. Eliane and I met in India. Although she was not in Switzerland when I was there she got in touch with her friend Ramon and he was up for hosting me at his old farm house in Zurich. I really enjoyed Ramon and his fellow flatmates, they were all very nice. I was even more stoked when Ramon made fresh veggie lasagna and salad for dinner. Mm mm! Thank you Eliane & Ramon! 
I had a lovely breakfast with Ramon’s flatmates before heading off to meet Adrienne at the train station. After travelling solo for a couple weeks I was elated to start my adventure with my good friend & old SF roomie for the next week. We decided since the weather wasn’t quite on our side we’d meander and eat our way through Zurich – a lot of chocolate and cheese were in our diet that day. After our nice day exploring Zurich we headed to catch our overnight train to Zagreb, Croatia. Leaving one Z town for another…

My first time ever eating an egg from a stand. I thought it was unusual but the more I talked to others they'd had it before. Either way I really liked it!
Community Art Project

Adrienne and I loving the gorgeous chandeliers at the 2nd hand market

Tea time to warm ourselves up!
Life size chess game in the park.
Beautiful spring flowers.
First of many picnics of our trip. This was our dinner time picnic on our train to CROATIAAAA woo hoo!

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