Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alleppey - Kerala Backwater Relaxation

Following our 2nd ashram experience, we caught a 2 hour local KSRTC bus from Amritapuri to Alleppey. We stayed at the Gowri Heritage Residence in Alleppey, a beautiful bundle of about 15 rooms and huts in a gorgeous garden. The management was a group of friendly and laid-back men in their 30’s. They seemed to have the best job, hanging out with their friends while making friends with happy travelers. It felt somewhat like a wholesome fraternity. My favorite part of all is that our bathroom had a tree smack dab in the center. Nature was truly calling in our neck of the woods.

Lassi Time!
South Canal in Alleppey town
Sunset at Alleppey Beach - many families playing in the water together
The city of Alleppey is known for the backwaters- most people come and stay in houseboats. We decided against that since it was crazy expensive and we hadn’t heard great reviews about the experience. Instead, we hired a boat to cruise through the backwaters one afternoon. We saw villages with homes only accessible by water and ooh’ed and aww’ed at the lush landscape.There was also a cute side cafe where we enjoyed a coconut snack. 

Backwater life.

If I were to do it again, I would either take the local “bus” (ferry) or a canoe through the backwaters. In either case, the narrow canals were the best. We actually at one point took a public ferry that goes from Kollm to Alleppey (we got off at Amritapuri) that was a beautiful ride. Here was a little note I wrote describing that wonderful journey:

What a reprive. What a peaceful ride in comparison to the blaring horns of the over packed bus where having a conversation can be difficult. The public ferry of no more than ten of us offered a wonderful cool breeze, glistening water and ability to splay across an entire bench while reading Shantaram between naps. Not to mention the beautiful backwater views along the palm tree lined shores.


  1. You have provided so nice post with us. These photos are beautiful.Kerala is such a nice place in south India.
    Kullu Manali

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  3. Alleppey in Kerala also called Alapuzha is famous for backwaters, so the attraction of the beach is sometimes overshadowed by the backwaters. There are beautiful beach resorts in Alappuzha. They are situated at the sides of the sea beaches to attract the tourists to the place.