Thursday, July 31, 2014

Makarska is a Must

Golden hour shining on Makarska 

On my ferry ride back from Hvar Island a local Croatian gave me a few tips of places to go. One of them was Makarska. I'm so happy Sarah & I stopped in to Makarska for one night (May 14th-15th, 2013) - was better than nothing! One night would be enough if you're short on time, but do try to swing by to see a different side of Croatia.

Makarska is a really beautiful small city off the tourist path, which was a nice break. There is a very stunning 5km beach that is backed by stunning's really difficult to find a legit beach in Croatia, so this spot was quite the haven. As we came early in the season and during the week we pretty much had it to ourselves. Makarska even has cute little restaurants on the beach. I believe you can also hike up the mountain range if you'd like. There's also scuba diving here - Sarah & I went for on shore dive, it was freezing cold though so I wouldn't recommend diving in Croatia. At least not in this area.

Here are a couple addition tips for a visit in Makarska:
Konoba Karlalaga - Must try restaurant...local, fresh seafood. They don't have a menu only serve what is freshly caught that day. Best meal in my 2 weeks in Croatia.

Scenic View - Walk out to the land mass across from the town where the St Peter Statue is...gorgeous at sunset because of the golden light on the city. They also have Love Locks here that you can put on the fence. Really sweet!

This is dinner at Konobo Karlaga - so much fun. Learning to communicate through hand gestures and laughter!

The beach that we dove a few km South of Makarska.

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