Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Split & Hvar Island, Croatia

View of Split from Marjan Hill
Here goes my catch up on my trip from last year. I'm taking it way back to May 9th - 14th of 2013 when Adrienne, Kristi and I ditched the rental car & met up with more friends from the Scottie & Em's wedding to come in Dubrovnik in Split. 

Here were our highlights from Split:
Hotel/Hostel - Try to stay within the palace walls. It's pretty awesome, or stay very close to it. We stayed at a hostel called Diocletian's Palace as it was only 10 euro each a night and was in the heart of it all: 

Walking tour - Even if you don't stay at Diocletian's Hostel ask if you can join there walking tour. I learned a lot and actually really liked it. Our guide was a university student studying history and was really awesome. 

Restuaurant Jugo - If you are like me and enjoy going where the locals go then get out of the touristy area to try Restaurant Jugo. It was probably a 20 - 30 minute walk, but had a nice patio with view of the local harbor. 

Marjan Hill - great view of the city.

Solta Island - If you want peace and quite this is the place. We were the only tourists on this island...we took a bus to one of the beaches, posted up on a rock slab, had a picnic, read and took a dip in the water. Very chill.

Trogir - If you have lots of time you could check out Trogir for a 1/2 day. Is close to Split airport, I didn't have time to go.
By night you can listen to live music around Diocletian's Palace
All the locals sat on the pier drinking and socializing. Very relaxing. 
Within Diocletian's Palace
Pre-wedding reunion - Me, Sarah, Kat, Alex, Em, Scott, Steve & Jessie
Solta Island - we layed on these nice flat rocks all day!
Solta Island

Hvar Island
Hvar Town is where the party is at during the high season. Lots of bachelor parties and electronic music festivals go down during the summer time. Kristi, Adrienne and I were a bit early for all that in May, but still had a lovely time. 

Hvar actually doesn't really have any nice beaches, we took a boat to another island for the day which was nice. Only like 30 of us on the beach during low season but high season this small beach could get packed up to 400 people! crazy right?

Where to stay -  Apartments or hostels seem to be the way to go on this fancy pants gorgeous island. We stayed in an apartment on the Hvar Town side - http://www.hvarbooking.com/
Rina is the one who was managing their family apartments and was really sweet. Her mom even met us at the bus when we got off at 11pm. The apartment was a great deal and in the heart of it all.

Restaurant Bepo - out of the tourist area, but a nice walk along the water to get here. They have an outdoor patio right on the water and the fish I had here was UHmazing (see photo below!). Much better prices than many other restaurants. Pizza looked awesome too.

The adorable alley super close to our apartment
View from the castle/ruin thing at the top of Hvar. Worth the climb!

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