Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dive. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

INCREDIBLE. 14 dives in 4 days! Liveaboards are intense, but completely worth it.  My pictures can’t do these dives justice – such beautiful coral, fish and more. Richelieu Rock was by far our favorite, we dove that site three times. I could have dove Richelieu Rock all 14 dives though, every inch of that site is covered with amazing creatures.  If you're a diver, go on a 4 day liveaboard to the Similan Islands in Thailand. Make sure you go for at least 4 days otherwise you can't go to Richelieu Rock. 

Manta Queen I was very good to us. We even stopped at a couple of stunning beaches along the way. I'd highly recommend going with Khao Lak Adventure divers. One tip, avoid Renate Stein. She was a pretty awful dive guide. We can laugh about it now, but she is quite the control freak! Overall amazing people, crew, scenery and 4 days I won't ever forget. Here is our 14 dive rundown:

#1 Anita's Reef - Between Similan Islands 5 & 6 (no photos from this dive)
#2 West of Eden - Near Similan Island 7 (Tons of amazing photos, would love to dive this again)
#3 Hideaway Bay - Between Similan Islands 5 &6
#4 Honeymoon Bay - Near Similan Island 4 (First Lionfish sighting on the trip)
#5 Elephant Head Rock  - Between Similan Island 7 & 8 (Such neat topography)
#6 North Point - (tons of activity and lots of fun pictures)
#7 Koh Bon West Ridge - (first indian cushion sea star sighting)
#8 Koh Ta Chai - The Dome
#9 Koh Ta Chai - The Dome (again), was somewhat boring
#10 Richelieu Rock - A
#11 Richelieu Rock - MAZ
#12 Richelieu Rock - ING (we were very lucky we were able to dive here; all negative entry dives)
#13 Hin Luang - Koh Bon Pinnacle (hoards of beautiful yellow soft coral)
#14 Boon Sung Wreckage (first wreck dive, very interesting)

North Point Island - Yellow Masked Angelfish
Green Sea Turtle, just a baby

Indian Cushion Sea Star
Magnificent Anemone at Koh Ta
Moon Wrasse
Tiger tail Sea Horse at Richelieu Rock
MQ I Crew - December 27th - 31st
Titan Triggerfish
Myself, Simon, Adrian and Sarah - we all dove together the whole time
Clearfin Lionfish

Check out all the rest of the underwater photos I took on Picasa:
Similan Island Dive Trip

keep on diving! 

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