Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Money No Honey (Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand)

YAY Sarah Saul made it. Loving beach time on Poda Island :)
I’m finally in the golden glow of my tanning phases. Sadly Sarah is starting up in burn phase, but she will be getting brown soon enough.

Before Sarah arrived, Adrian and I had a killer time trying out Deep Water Solo for the first time. We tackled Poda Island! Or did it tackle us? Pretty sure the limestone rock wall won as I was mighty sore the next day. Basically envision rock climbing without a harness and if you fall, well you fall in deep blue beautiful water. Although climbing in a swimsuit was interesting, but very thrilling. Definitely try it out if you’ve never been.

So happy that King Climbers brought us here for lunch between climbs! We even came back to this cove haven the next day with David & Sarah. This is the backside of Poda Island, if you tell the boat driver where everybody rock climbs they should get it. The main beach on Poda is way too packed.

The four of us decided to treat ourselves for Christmas and went island hopping all day (Poda, Toop and Chicken Island). Sun, Beach, Friends, Shithead (card game) - Couldn’t have asked for a better day! I think we all should spend the Holidays abroad, gives you a different perspective on how to enjoy the people in your life and not the material goods. Who needs gifts when you’re on the beaches of Thailand?
A different side of Poda Island
Enjoying our lil slice of paradise on Poda Island

Toop Island
Chicken Island - we spent a good part of the day on that beach in the bottom left. Only one other family and us. 
Merry Christmas to Us!
I was obsessed with the 40 Baht ($1) fried rice (add broccoli, of course) at this local restaurant. Very cheap and pretty tasty. If you’re on a budget find this family run restaurant across from the organic spot on the main road. It has to be good if the sign is all inThai right?

Sarah and I spent a night at the Ao Nang Muay Thai Boxing stadium.  One thing I didn’t realize is how young some of the boxers are – I think the youngest was 11!  The entrancing gong music and 6 fights later and we were ready to head out. Center Point it is (really the only place to go out in Ao Nang). Lucky us there was a fire dancer.
Muay Thai Boxing at Ao Nang Stadium
Out at Center Point with new friends
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