Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yes, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia? Yes, Taxi?

The “Yes” thing is something you hear all over Indo. Yes, Taxi? Yes, Massage? How about No. It just cracks us up.

Ok back to the real topic of discussion, Ubud. Ubud is the “Eat Pray Love” of Indonesia. Overall, Ubud is a great place to get an understanding of the traditional Balinese lifestyle; Compounds with walls all around, with each family having their own “bungalow:. Many generations in one housing area and they all rely on each other.

We stayed in a similar setup. Palace on the outside, but shack on the inside – wait where’s the sink? Can’t complain about $8 a night per person in a fabulous town.
Our humble abode
How do you like them knockers?
Here’s the run down on our 4 last and amazing days in Bali: Yoga Barn. Healer. Legong and Barong Dance Performance at Ubud Palace. Organic Food. Monkeys. Rafting. I would love to live here for a couple months and just zen out. So relaxing. I loved it.

Barong Dance Performance - Ubud Palace
Barong Dance Performance
Yoga Barn's Studio
Rice Paddies
Ready to Raft the Telaga Waja River
Telaga Waja River

At the healer, Tjokorda Gde Rai. Very neat experience.
Ubud also had such delicious food. Best food I’ve had this entire trip. So Yummy!
Ibu Oka Pork Combination Plate
Duck at Wayan Cafe
Art Cafe's amazing fresh fish dish with cous cous. I was in heaven!
How Adorable is Art Cafe?
Snake Fruit - looks like garlic, but I liked it.
If you ever visit Ubud don’t miss:
Art Café – adorable on the inside and I’m still craving that grilled snapper!
Ibu Oka – crispy pig meal, don’t go to the one of the main street. Walk down the alley next to Opps Bar/Ice Cream (the 5-10 min walk is really random). 50 cent fresh juice afterwards is amazing as well, right outside this spot.
Bali Buddha – Healthy Organic food
Wayan Restaurant – a bit more expensive, but so good
Bamboo Restaurant – for a drink & live cover bands
Yoga barn for some hatha goodness
Monkey Forest – Be careful with food, if you have it give it to them – the monkeys will climb up on you to get it.
White water rafting Telaga Waja River – Overall gorgeous, but pay the extra few dollars a person for a better company. Our raft literally disintegrated; went flat and the seat fell off.

There are loads more to do, even 4 days wasn’t enough for us. I will definitely be back here someday!

much love,
bri bri
P.S. I have my own bank & monkey if you didn't know ;-)

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